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Sparkle In My I

is my creative space for expressing a movement & lifestyle of what inspires me to shine in my own light like a FyahFly unapologetically. I'm a Creative Leader; the ultimate cheerleader and a Quiet person, living a busy and vibrant lifestyle, willing to share my muses that Sparkle In My "I" , with the world.

This space is to inspire, inform, motivate, engage, enlighten and spark creativity for Busy Bosses like me, to unapologetically sparkle in their own light like a FyahFly. In order to do this, you must: Reclaim your time for practicing self care.  Re-spark your energy, so that you can be at your best when pouring into others.  Honor your gifts to better understand and define the Sparkle in your " I". 


Thank you for visiting my creative space and I hope we can dialogue together on shared interest. 


Follow my Science to shine in the light of the 

Sparkle In Your "I", FyahFly! 


The Science : 

Self-discovery = Self Love

Positive Vibes & Purposeful living

 Amazing Actions leads to great Adventures

 Reflection in Radiant Beauty

 Knowledge building & sharing

 Loving my health

 Exploring & Entertaining.


     Sparkle on #FyahFly








Hey Fyah Fly,
Stay and Sparkle with us!

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© 2016  Sparkle in My I by Tunesha M. Phipps...... All Rights Reserved..... 

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