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✨✨👁✨👁✨✨ Caring and getting in tune with yourself is not a selfish act...
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About Sparkle in My "I"

Hi, I'm Tunesha Marie, and I Sparkle In My "I".
Developed & created out of love, this is the beginnings of me introducing my brand from my creative mind through blogging and creative visuals. Willing to share all of the unique things that contribute to my SPARKLE, or me, as a Creative Leader. I'm also here as the ultimate cheerleader to encourage, inspire, motivate and highlight others in finding their purposeful gifts to sparkle in their own light from what I share about the Sparkling In My "I".
Sparkle in my "I" is not a concept of being selfish or conceited. Sparkle In My “I” is a movement of taking care & loving yourself unapologetically, so that you can be prepared to be a great leader to others.  Sharing your gifts and talents for the betterment of self and others, as God intended.  A movement for people to hone in and appreciate who they are, to grow, and to be authentic in order to be of service not only for others, but for themselves and being unapologetic about it. It is a purposeful life course of creative movement and a concept for understanding the journey and pathways in your life. Understanding and defining those pathways you are taking, are essential in preparing yourself for becoming a great leader and an asset to the community. 
I'm new to blogging, but not new to sharing my muses with the world as a Creative Leader.  Sparkle In My "I" was created for chronicling the ins and outs of life as I see it. It’s me expressing my unique journey through life, since people are always trying to figure me out.
So I developed a particular Sparkle Science for defining who I am, what I love and what & how I believe.

The  Science : 

Self-discovery = Self Love

Positive Vibes & Purposeful living

 Amazing Actions leads to great Adventures

 Reflection in Radiant Beauty

 Knowledge building & sharing

 Loving my health

 Exploring & Entertaining.

You’re welcome to follow The Science, but ask yourself these questions when following the science:
​How do I maneuver through life's good and bad moments? What makes me smile? How do I live? Do I capture or collect moments? What am I most interested in that makes me glow? What makes me uncomfortable?  Where do I find resources to enhance my critical & creative thinking, problem solving or life growth-work? How can I be part of a collective community with the purpose of uplifting? What are my favorite pastimes? What kind of relationships do I build? What places should I go visit? What is my style? Why do I dance? What is my favorite kind of music? Democratic or Republican...... The questions you ask yourself can go on and on and on, but for one to truly sparkle in their "I", one has to know and understand who they are without losing identity of self and being unapologetic about it.  
Follow my Sparkle, Follow my Science and Shine in your light FyahFly. 

Sparkling Fyah Fly



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