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 Sparkle In My "I"
Mirror, Mirror 




Sparkling Fyah Fly. Leader. 

Faith driven, Spiritually boundDaughter of the Caribbean. B'More Sweetie. Creative Scientist. BiologistCreative Spirit. Army Girl. Soror. Master of Public Health. Busy Diva. Anxious. Sister. Niece. Granddaughter. Aunty. Cousin. Family over everything.  Life Learner. Introverted Extrovert.  Hopeful Romantic. Inquisitive. 

Great Listener. Fabulous Friend.  Culturally Ecletic. Flawed. Lover of the Arts. Musician. Dancer. Girly Girl. People's Servant. Sporty Spice. Ravens Girl. O's Fan. Adventurous. Explorer. Analytical Observer. Fly Nerd. Unapologetic. Healthy Chic.

Quiet. Shoes are to inspire.


Gratitude. heArt & Soul....

Be inspired!
Visit some of these unique areas that contribute to my gifts
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Music is in my heART & Soul.
My current theme song:
Tell me how do you
Sparkle in your "I"?

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