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Personalize your Sparkle with our gifts. 

Journal, planner, candles

Comming Soon.....

Bunches of Luv

One of a kind gifts curated and filled with things I Luv that I want to share with you!

Purchase gifts for any occasion!

Capture the moments

I'm a visual creative, willing to share my muses with the world...

Follow My Sparkle

Discover who you are and what you love.

Tell your story with inspirational pictures, moments, or words.....  


Step out of the Shadow , Shine in Your Own Light  and share your  SPARKLE with the world


The creativity that happens around me adds to my sparkle......


Let's Connect!

Lets Collaborate!

How can I help you shine?

I Sparkle in My "I", 

in Gods Light,

Because I am a

Fyah Fly!

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