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Organize your Social Media Content in 2017

Social media new year sparkle in my i

Happy New Year!! 🎉🎉 2017 is here and I am so excited for all the great things to be manifested in this new year.

Did you make your New Years resolution? I didn't! Well, actually I did. I did more of mapping out my vision and creating New Year's goals. Oh! The ideas abundantly overflow, but I have to remain FOCUS (follow one cause until success) or my goals will not be meet. Therefore, some of my goals will take time to nurture and go beyond 2017.

One of my goals for 2017 is decluttering my space, physically & mentally; and, also, to be more organize in my personal and professional areas of life.

This is something that I have tackled many times before, but to truly declutter and be organized on a consistent bases requires commitment, structure and wisdom. The responsibility of commitment lies in me and I prayed specifically for the wisdom to guide me in my personal and professional growth. The structure is already instilled in me; however, it is always great to have a coach or mentor to further guide me in refining such skills. As a new blogger, organization is key to remaining focus, reliable and consistent in your task. So, not to loose momentum, my goal is to declutter my space so that I can remain focus and to be organize in order to share valuable information with a large diverse audience through my social media and blog site.

Did you ever wonder how some of the people and companies you follow

on social media are able to post awesome content so frequently? Its call scheduling and organizing. In order

to create meaningful content expressing my creativity and highlighting the dope people that surround me, is purposeful to my blog. Ensuring that the content I

Plan 12 months in 90 minutes, Social Media Content Calendar

Let's face it, when it comes to increasing your engagement across social media platforms you have to be consistent & organized. This calendar is designed to help you organize what to post, where to post it and when to post it so you can become more efficient with your online marketing. The download includes 34 pages and as a bonus, suggested content for each month based on previous social media trends to help you get an edge on your online marketing. This product is a great resource for budding and seasoned entrepreneurs to stay organized in their business. When I saw this calendar as resource, I immediately took advantage of planning out my entire year of content to post on my blog and on my social media sites. I'm telling you, the Power of Vision is so marvelous. I asked for the wisdom to guide me in my organization and wealth building, and here it is. Click here to get your copy of the Social Media Content Calendar today.

Social Media Content Calendar, click here

How do you plan to declutter and stay organized in 2017? Share the value of this post with someone you know that could use these resources to manifest their visions in 2017. Be the Sparkle in Your I and get organized!

@Copyright 2016 Sparkle In My "I" by Tunesha Marie....All Rights Reserved.

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