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Valentine's Day: Fun & Cool gifts required

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Are you ready to celebrate this national day of love unofficially designated by Hallmark? LOL!  For some reason, I rarely make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day

In my opinion, I believe my significant other should shower me with sentimental, meaningful and romantic gifts throughout the year, (especially on my birthday or a special anniversary), and not wait for this one special day on the hallmark calendar; but, that’s just me. Don’t get me wrong or mistaken my thoughts for being bitter, salty about love or none of that.  I do love celebrating Valentine’s Day, but I think it should be treated as a fun day of being in love with those who positively have an impact on your life.

      For me, I never really had a valentine and mostly took part in this day of extra loving and gift giving by celebrating it with family or friends.  I might feel this way also, because for me and my family, between the months of December all the way through April, every week its non-stop holidays and birthdays were gifts are normally required. Besides, I am a last minute shopper, so I really would prefer a break from having to come up with another gift to purchase on the list…lol!

        What I do love most about Valentine’s Day, are the small cute gift exchange of sentimental goodies (i.e. candy, teddy bears, etc.), with my family or friends. Oh yea, those cute cartoon character

cards of "Would you be mine” and “Love you to the Moon and back” we exchanged in grade school, was always fun to receive in our art class made mailboxes….lol!  I still like to give those out sometimes just for fun! However, if we must partake in this Hallmark day, remember to have fun being in love and get creative with your gifts.   

       This year, I don’t have a BAE for valentine, so I guess I got my break… ha ha!  Nonetheless, I decided to give you a gift and made a short list of a few cool gifts I would potentially purchase for a fun in love type valentine day gift (and any other occasion) especially since I am an unintentional last minute shopper…… Also the women’s gifts listed are some cool items I would love to receive. 

      This is short list of products or services from small business owners I know, local to the Baltimore area, who I thought Sparkled In their “I” by putting in time for themselves, assessing his or her own talents and purposeful gifts. Some of their products and services were created out of love to fill a gap or need in their lives that soon manifested into a business to be shared with others to fill their needs as well.

Click picture to link to my IG to find gift guide invidualt IG pages

Men gifts

  1. a| lifestyle –men’s t-shirts that makes a statement to anchor your outfit and lifestyle (local to NYC)

  1. Creative Culture lifestyle – an undefined culture with beard butter, beard grooming products, hats, t-shirts and more

 3.  For the classic man, Magnepels makes any outfit timeless and stylish


  1. Great pair of shoes are always up a shoe diva alley.  Check TriElle Shoe Alley shoes and Visit  keeping the fun, stylish and edgy woman in mind.

  1. New Vintage by Sam….. I love her bracelets… I don’t have to worry about anyone else having one like mine.

  1. This one is not local, but I’m working on completing my charm bracelet. There is a story for each charm and you can never go wrong with Pandora charms, rings, earrings and bracelets


  1. The Nerd in me just loves MimiDre designs. Fly Nerd Apparel has the quirkiest designs for him and her in mind.

Treats for any Sweetie

  1. Bunches of luv – gifts and baskets for any occasion keeping your loved one in mind.

  1. ScrumDeliUmptious – these sweet deserts are heaven.. Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie is my favorite Yum!..…. but if you have to taste them all, you can’t go wrong with the sampler pack.

  3. Have your ever had cookies that will put you to sleep? Try insomnia cookies and the deliver till 3a.m.


Last but not least, if all else fails … you can never go wrong with a gift card to your BAE favorite restaurant, shop, masseuse, boutique, stylist, etc.  Just remember that the goal of Valentine’s Day (or any occasion) gift giving is to make the person in your life feel loved.


Love Wins Every Time! So have fun!

Hope you found value in this valentine (or any occasion) gift list I shared out love for you. If you know of some other cool gifts from local small businesses or feel the way I do about Valentine’s Day (LOL) please share with us in the comments. Until next time.

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