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Work Hard! Play Hard! Be Heart Healthy!

Have a healthy heart with good nutrition and cardio exercise

No matter how many crunches I do to get those hard rock abs…lol... It's still requires 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, to get that ideal fit body and not to mention having

Healthy Heart.

Its #HeartHealth month and being in love with your health, no matter your age, is very important! Especially if your like me: a busy, out going, mid-thirties young professional, (who still intends to get marry and have children in the future) and leading a vibrant life, nutrition and good health must be of the utmost importance. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among Americans, especially women and more in particular African American women.

We have to do better in preserving our health! It is important to balance our food indulgences and other engagement in other potential heart disease risk factors with a healthy diet and cardio exercise.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the SKIN/CURVES/BODY that I am in; but, when fitness is a requirement for me to maintain my employment with one of my employers, I have to do a good job at taking charge of my health. When the winter holidays hit, my nutrition and consistent workouts begin to slack off, and as a child of the Caribbean, good food is my weakness. Once and a while I like to indulge in what I call great tasting food, sweets, sometimes libations. Not to mention having a busy lifestyle, I keep pushing those 5 a.m. workouts off to the next day and the next day which then turns into a month later… smh! However, no worries, I do put in effort to try to get some cardio in through out the day, but just in incremental times. Something is better than nothing.

If you have body goals like I do, nutrition is where it counts. I have been a life long athlete & dancer, but when you get older, you have to change the routine up to get different results. Working with my wellness coach, Wayne of @iamnextlevel, I take advantage of the Herbalife products he has to offer to aide in supplementing my nutrition for those busy moments in life. These plant base supplements and shakes offer an alternative to healthier eating options when I don't have time to create nutritious meals and want to avoid fast food lines.

I’m not perfect, but as I said before, I do indulge in what I call amazing food (sweets, pastas, brownie sundaes, and much more). Nevertheless, I am becoming more consistent with using Herbalife products and implementing a good work out plan, and putting forth effort to making more conscious healthy eating decisions in this vibrant busy lifestyle of mine. Journaling is the next step I will be working on to monitoring my workouts and meals throughout the day.

For now, here are some workouts given to me that you can do in increments through out the day or for HIIT training to promote a healthier heart:


What is your go to for meeting your nutrition and fitness goals? I would like to know more tips for this heart health journey. Sharing is caring so we can all have healthy hearts. This happens when:

Love Conquers All!

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