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Are you ready for your SHIFT 360 in 2017?

Saturday, December 10, 2016 in Upper Malboro, MD, I had the opportunity to attend one of my good friends from college, Temica Gross, first live conference event, SHIFT 360 . What an exciting moment to see Temica's vision come to life. I am always in awe and proud to see my friends do phenomenal things, shining in their light, and paying it forward in order to be of service to others.

With all the excitement leading up to Shift 360, I couldn't wait to attend Temica first live event. Oh! Did I mention that this event SOLD OUT, not once, but twice! How awesome was that! That speaks volumes of Temica's impact and positive influence she has on people, especially new entrepreneurs. Providing tools and resources for one's personal and professional growth, while eliminating excuses is what we all need. In attending the conference, I had the opportunity to witness first hand the Shift 360 experience, which was an honoring moment ,to see Temica actualize her dreams, utilizing her gifts and standing in her purpose. She is on a journey of not only elevating herself, but to be in servitude in elevating new budding entrepreneurs to actualizing their dreams & goals as well.

Temica Gross is a best selling author of the book, Live Victoriously: 4 Easy Steps to Defeating Self-Doubt. She is also a speaker, creative coach and founder of the Tenacious Purpose Group, LLC, where she helps budding Purpose-preneurs uncover their GOD given gifts and monetize their talents. Helping 1st generations entrepreneurs get out of their own way for building and branding their business on a budget. Within in the purpose-preneur community, Temica is highly acclaimed and well known as the Canva Queen, because of her amazing online courses successfully walking you through canava and building your graphics on a budget.

After overcoming hard trials and tribulations during a rough period in her personal and professional life, Temica no longer allowed rejection, and notices of being non-qualified for positions of new employment or nonreferrals put a limit on her potential

for creating her own path to increasing her net worth.

Shift 360 conference VIP seating

Temica had to make a Shift 360 in her life to better support herself, her family, her dreams and future. In creating and building her brand, Temica relied heavily on her faith by developing marketable tools & coaching clients through the nuances as a 1st time entrepreneur. This would catapult the foundation for being a Purpose-preneur and developing the Shift 360 conference.

The Shift 360 conference platform brought a group of collective minds together that were in need for making a shift in their lives prior to the start of 2017. Purpose-prenurs came from far and wide, across many states, to participate in the first annual Shift 360 conference. In 5-hours, conference attendees had an opportunity to network, fellowship, take professional head shot photos, and most importantly leave with the tools needed to “level up” in their business in time for the new year! Shift 360 also including empower words from two guest speakers, Dionna Mitchell and Toya Luckie.

As a best selling author, speaker, creative coach, Canva Queen mother, wife and an awesome friend, Temica Gross leaped out on faith and got out of her own way to building a phenomenal brand utilizing her God given gifts. Temica introduce the Shift 360 conference to her community of Puropose-preneurs so that they too can make a shift in their lives.

The host and keynote speaker of Shift 360, Temica Gross, left her attendees feeling highly motivated and inspire to elevate themselves personally and professionally. In

the most transparent way possible, Temica shared her personal testimony of how she made a shift in her life after being faced with hardships and tough decisions. To make the necessary shift requires one to eliminate the clutter of excuses and change from a negative to an out of the box positive mindset for achieving goals. In creating her own way, she found her purpose in entrepreneurship and proceeded to push pass the naysayers and nonbelievers. Constantly told that she is over educated and over qualified, Temica shared how shifting her mindset allowed her to create her own lane for generating income rather than waiting for someone to hire her to build their empire. Temica's Why" and "How" were her premises for building her brand and being able to do it on a budget.

Shift 360 conference culminated with a having a vision for leveling up in 2017. Using the tools and sound advice delivered by the guest speakers and keynote address, attendees ended the day with working hard on their visions. To begin the necessary shift to level up our lives, Temica ensured we took immediate action for implementing our vision. The conference ended with laying out our goals by creating vision boards before going home. There is power in your vision, only when you put it into action. Creating our vision boards was the ultimate takeaway for our Shift 360. The Shift 360 conference and workshop was her platform to help a community

of people similar to her.

Here is to you Temica for Sparkling In Your "I". Shift 360 was phenomenal and I can't wait to see you at next year conference.

Share what you are doing to make that Shift 360 in your life to have a phenomenal 2017. If you found value in this blog post, please share with your network, family and friends.

Sparkle on Fyah Fly

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