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The Power of Vision

Always having a Vision, but often delayed or procrassinating to act.

At the stroke of midnight, like most people across the world, I would talk about and write down my goals I wanted to accomplish within the new year. However, somehow midway thru the year, some of those goals would lose there fizz or I would end up transferring them into the next year. Transfer of such goals occurred, not because I wasn't committed to achieving them, but, because they were not in my face to constantly serve as a daily reminder of what I said I wanted and am going to do. See, I am a creative and visual learner. I tend to see pictures before I see words, and such pictures would serve as a temporary fixture as a constant reminder of what my goals would permanently look like. Therefore, without such visual, those written goals would fade into the ink of my memory, midway thru the year losing sight of my vision for turning goals into reality.

New Years day, 2016, for once I would be in service to myself first and start the year with creating a vision board for the first time. I never really created a vision board prior to 2016. Starting the year with a new tradition, would be a different approach for providing clarity to an old vision and actualizing my goals. I would do this amongst a core group of women, whom all are part of a village that had (and continues to this day) a hand in my up bringing. A community of women who has been a supportive group of friends for my mom

since I was in the womb. Amongst these women, we would bond, fellowship, create and share our visions of what the year 2016 looks like for us. Amongst these women, we would create L.O.V.E, Ladies of Vision Extraordinaire.

Having a quiet spirit and at most times known to internalize my feelings, January 1, 2016 would produce a transparent space

amongst my core, my family, the strength of the women who raised me, to be vulnerable and releasing my hurts in order to renew my strength in ME. This space provided clarity for my vision and actualizing my goals for 2016.

Amongst this group of women, I created my vision board. Reinvigorating my creativity, regaining my vision, restoring my faith and putting the hurts and worries of 2014 & 2015 behind me and in Gods hands. Allowing my failures to provide feedback from the lessons learned. Creating a space for preparing the setup for greatness. Let me tell you, there is Power in having a Vision that can ultimately lead to greatness. But to achieve such greatness you must pray, prepare, and be productive to see the value in your vision and for actualizing your goals.

My 2016 vision board

The power of vision. 2016 was the year for getting back to Tunesha, back on track, continue to grow and stregthen who I am, to be confident, bold, humbly beautiful and unapologetic; so, that in return and in gratitude, I can be amongst a core group of women for the next generation of legacy builders. It's never to late to begin working on those goals.

My vision board is posted in my dining room catacorner to my kitchen. This is in space I have to walk thru daily. Therefore, the presence of my vision for 366 days (this was a leap year), served as constant visual of my 2016 goals. I have put my 2016 vision board into motion and I'm getting ready to work on 2017. Share how your 2016 vision board has allow you to see the power in vision.

A Great Resources to help you in creating your own vision board is a book by Lucinda Cross "Activate Your Vision". Click on the book cover for more details on how to bring your vision to life and to purchase your own copy.​​

Life is a love enjoy it!

collage of ladies of vision extraordinary brunch

Comment and share how you are empowered and inspired to bring your vision to life for 2017. Share this post to not only inspire yourself, but for others in your circle.

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