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Unapologetically in Love with my Black Girl Magic

Black Girl Magic graphic by Tunesha Marie, Artwork by Nicholle Kobi

artwork by Nicholle Kobi; graphic designed by T. Marie

"Just because we are magic doesn't mean we are not real."

~ Jesse Williams

Inspired by my youth program conference theme this year, I wanted to share how #BlackGirlMagic is more than just a hashtag to me.

First off, for those who may not be familiar with the phrase, Black Girl Magic, it was once discussed in the 2016 Huffington post article , as a universal term, hashtag or expression that describes and illustrates the awesomeness of black women. It is stated #BlackGirlMagic is an expression, first used by CaShawn Thompson in 2013, for celebrating the wonderful, positive, intrinsic, unique and/or interesting attributes of black women's greatness and contributions to society. Soon then after, the hashtag, #BlackGirlMagic, was widely used across social media to further highlight and inspire the world recognizing the black girl magic within all of us. But lets be clear, Black Girl Magic always existed!

Standing in our purpose manifesting our gifts and contributing to society, we are mothers, daughters, sisters, intellects, artist, and teachers. We are leaders, thought provokers, fashionistas, doctors, lawyers, change agents, activist and military service members. We are public servants, nurturers and conquerors; building and strengthen our communities with humility. Basking in our awesomeness, We are BLACK WOMEN, who are QUEENS.

I am a Black woman who is a Queen born in January and is in love with my #BlackGirlMagic. I love to produce creative moments and products, I love to offer my leadership skills to build my community; I love to indulge in unique moments that enhances and build on my character. This black girl just loves being me and I think that is what makes me magical.

In celebrating my birth month, I came across some beautiful queens and organizations that were either born in January or have just been authentically and unapologetically exposing their #BlackGirlMagic abundantly with the world overtime and are in love with doing so.

Illustrating the awesomeness of many black women in a positive light has always been important to me. Our future depends on us to build a phenomenal legacy for the next generation we leave behind. In the essence of finding the Sparkle In My “I,” I thought it would only be fitting to share some inspirational black girl magic shining around me on my Instagram timeline, hoping others would be inspired and shine in their light.


Black girl magic was exhibited in the Hidden Figures of the woman behind NASA’s race to the moon, and by the actresses who portrayed them.

I service two phenomenal organizations as a member, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation (HWHN), which both are filled with a community of women dedicated to public service and healing the nation.

I shine the light upon other Queens born in my birth month, First Lady Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, and Bessie Coleman.

The supportive sisterhood of the dynamic duo, Venus & Serena Williams; and the importance of investing in you in order to create such magical moments in time.

Marley Dias, founder of #1000BlackGirlBooks, social activist, magazine editor and new emerging author, is young girl who has created a unique space to encourage reading among young black girls by collecting and donating children books that feature Black girls as the lead character.


For me, Black Girl Magic is a feeling, a experience, a statement created in moments of knowing who you are and unapologetically owning it, while manifesting your gifts to stand in your purpose. Maybe that's why life seems magical being a black girl!

I can’t end this post without shouting out my KINGS in there #BlackBoyJoy.

Cast of New Edition Movie

Thank you for your continued support and recognizing the true magic that exist in the Queens that we are.

Thank you for indulging in this month theme Black Girl Magic with me showcased on my Instagram feed which also rolls into our black history and love month. I am a black woman always in service, sprinkling my inspirational and informational #BlackGirlMagic around for the advancement of my community. I can only do this with practicing self-care & discovering the Sparkle In My “I”. Like my page, visit my social media for more inspirational content.

Be the Sparkle In Your I, and share your magical moments with us.

Be the inspiration for you and others.

If you found this post magical don't forget to share the details with others. Until next time…….

Sparkle on FyahFly

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