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INSPIRE ME!!! But where is the Action?!

How many times have you been a victim to having the Monday morning blues after having an eventful weekend of activities and needing a boost of energy to get you going? When you get that boost what do you do next? Do you sit there and wait or do you go?

How often have you found an awesome inspirational message/quote online, in your emails, from your favorite book or circulating on social media? How many of those inspirational messages, Monday's motivation pictures or memes have you liked and saved in your digital library and said to yourself "this is perfect to get me moving in the right direction"? How often do you set goals and keep pushing them off to later? For some of us, this happens most of the time; therefore, we remain in the same position months later from when you originally found that needed inspiration. Guess What?! It's great to stack up on all the inspiration and motivation to get you going in your day to day activities, but it requires you to ACT! And to ACT NOW!

I'm not here to shame you on hoarding onto all of those inspirational messages you have collected, because I know I am guilty of committing such hoarding activities as well. At some point in time you have to stop saving, liking, viewing and writing down these inspirational and motivating messages and just start moving in them. That's what INSPIRATION & MOTIVATION was built for. For you to MOVE! What are you waiting for? I know life gets in the way most times; however, not being in action will get you left behind and stuck in your vision with no growth.

Action requires movement ✨✨👁✨👁✨ For example: the purpose for filling up your gas tank is so that you could go, move forward and arrive to your next destination. Well! Once you fill up on your daily (weekly, monthly yearly, etc..) inspiration and motivation, you can now go, move forward and excel in your

goals to arrive at you next destination. It's great to be #Inspired and #Motivated, but you can't sit around waiting something to happen. You have to move forward and Go! Ultimately, you have to ACT on the creativity and pursuit of your dreams.

You can have all the inspiration and motivation in the world to encourage you to take those leaps in life; however, it all means nothing if you don't begin to act on it. How will you take action in 2017? Here is a mash up of a few tips, you can use, that I received from some of my coaches on how to best maneuver and take ACTION after filling up on Inspirational & Motivational moments:

1. Do a daily brain dump.

2. Do schedule your time accordingly.

3. Do your research.

4. Create and write down your SMART Goals.

5. Strategize your next steps.

6. Have support.

7. Be Accountable (to yourself and to others).

Are you a hoarder of Inspiration or a person of taking ACTION? What is 2017 looking like for you? Let me know how how it works out for you!

@Copyright 2016 Sparkle In My "I" by Tunesha Marie....All Rights Reserved.

All content is property of the author unless otherwise noted.

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